Football is played for fun by millions across Kuala Lumpur every week and is reliant on volunteers to deal with club administration. It may be a daunting thought to set up a new club, but there is lots of help available.

Volunteers Are The Backbone Of Grassroots Football.

Without the time, dedication and commitment from the estimated 5,000 volunteers in Malaysia, the 7,000 clubs would simply not exist. A football club is about more than just the players on the pitch.

The Football Kuala Lumpur recognises the value of volunteers in running and developing football at every level.


Volunteers are a major asset and if properly managed, can make a huge contribution to the success and sustainability of your club.

It’s usually the case that a few people at a club do a lot of the work. If you’re in this position it can often feel overwhelming. There are a variety of reasons to volunteer and recruiting new volunteers with the right skills to help out can be a significant help.

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